The abandoned places in nature of Johnny Joo

15 February 2018

The American photographer Johnny Joo describes in his photographs how abandoned places can become again a property of the natural world.

Nature is like an eternal recurrence: we asked it space, sacrifice, we gave it limits and many more, but when it’s free to be, it will be able to take back what has ever been its world.

An example of this event is represented by Johnny Joo‘s photographs, that describe the spaces that we have built and then abandoned, now a property of the natural world. It’s hard to distinguish facades, covered by towers of ivy, branches and leaves cover walls of greenhouses and former industrial buildings, showing how nature can adapt itself to our changes and take back its space.

The 27-year-old photographer traveled around America in the last ten years, collecting his journey in a blog, Architectural Afterlife, and in three books. 


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