Short video for Breakfast – Absence, in a surreal world absence strengthens the heart

11 February 2019

Animator Alex Goddard gives free rein to his imagination in the video Absence, where one thing gives birth to another, but always in a world of solitude.

The video Absence, signed by the animator, Alex Goddard, is halfway between a creative exercise, an experimental video, and an illustrated poem. Everything starts with the quote “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and then, while the narrating voice continues to praise a poem in rhyme with this phrase, the images follow the words.

But as we all know, sometimes to make a rhyme you have to sacrifice reality, and then we are accompanied in a world that is becoming more and more surreal, but where the only thing that remains seems to be a deep sense of loneliness, lack.

What Alex wants to convey to us is a deep sense of bewilderment and sadness, but without forgetting that it is in periods of absence that the heart is strengthened.

Absence Alex Goddard | Absence Alex Goddard | Absence Alex Goddard | Absence Alex Goddard | Absence Alex Goddard |


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