Art Ale Giorgini illustrates the energy of the future

Ale Giorgini illustrates the energy of the future

Giulia Guido

The world runs fast and it is difficult to keep up. We don’t have time to fully understand the latest innovation in the field of energy when another one arrives, ready to replace the previous ones. 
What we need more and more is a guide, a sort of dictionary where we can find all the information we are looking for. This is why Enel Italia has created “Parole Nuove per una Nuova Energia” (“New Words for a New Energy”), a project as ambitious as it is brilliant. 

“Today there are words that with new forms tell the energy of tomorrow.”

To better understand today’s change and prepare for tomorrow’s, Enel Italia has decided to start from the foundations, or rather from the words that have the task of helping us orient ourselves in the vast world of energy. 
Energy, its forms and uses should not be foreign to us, indeed we must do everything to be aware of what terms such as “electrification“, “circularity” or “electric mobility” mean. 

Enel Italia has not only chosen to explain 30 keywords, but to be sure of reaching the widest possible audience has decided to get help from 3 young Italian artists who through their illustrations and their works have reinterpreted the words of the new energy. 

The first talent involved is Ale Giorgini who in recent weeks has revealed on his Instagram profile the illustrations he has created. The well-marked lines, geometric shapes and sharp colors typical of the works of the artist from Vicenza have managed to transform concepts such as “Digitization“, “Talent” and “Electric Mobility” into images. 

Check out the three illustrations by Ale Giorgini below and keep following us, here and on our Instagram profile, to find out who the next artists involved will be. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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