Photography Does Reposting a Story Really Make a Difference?

Does Reposting a Story Really Make a Difference?

Anna Frattini

All Eyes on Rafah, an AI-generated image by someone named Chaa that has been shared on nearly 40 million Instagram profiles, has sparked a multitude of discussions about Artificial Intelligence in relation to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In these divisive times, we creatives can only wonder to what extent a chain-letter-style reposting can benefit the cause—assuming every user who reshared the Story is aware of what’s happening in Rafah right now. But the issue also involves Meta, whose policy prohibits sharing content that shows violence, especially concerning the ongoing conflict. All Eyes on Rafah managed to break through the stream of our Instagram Stories, becoming impossible to ignore. While today, the famous power of sharing makes us think that every repost counts, many do not agree, explaining on TikTok or other Instagram stories how Chaa’s image only tells something extremely superficial, «nothing but itself» as written by the editorial staff of Rivista Studio. At this point, we wonder what the right way is—inside and outside the Meta ecosystem—to tell what’s happening in Rafah in this new world order where nothing seems to go right, and nothing is acceptable.

Written by Anna Frattini
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