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All for the Gram – In Catene

Tommaso Berra
In Catene |

Every time we lock our bicycle lock, we don’t know if that action will give us the confidence that we can rest easy, that we have secured what is ours, but on our return it may be gone, carefully disassembled, leaving hanging from the post that until just before seemed to us a safe haven only a colorful chain.
In Catene is the featured account this week in All for the Gram and is a melancholy, perhaps sad, photographic project that represents with a simple image the concept of futility, of mockery.

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It is photographer Matteo Pinna who curates this collection of photographs, serial in their insistent repetition of subjects, yet telling many variations of the same story, different places and reasons to justify the absence of the real protagonist of that shot.
The point of view is almost always from above, from a perspective we might identify as that of the person who has just stood in front of that scene. Chains are coiled to street signs, lampposts, or anything made of iron attached to concrete, a two- or three-round safety loop, which remain only beautiful spirals on the asphalt.
The last extreme gesture to save that sense of sadness that all those closed padlocks cause might be to think that at least there is still a key left that will remove them from that pole, from that tree, but not before they have been collected in the profile of In Chains.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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