Style CY-B3LLA, Bella Hadid’s NFT project

CY-B3LLA, Bella Hadid’s NFT project

Andrea Tuzio

A project that makes the line between man and machine very thin is the one launched by supermodel Bella Hadid, which consists of the release of 11,111 NFTs divided into 10 collections, one for each established city, called CY-B3LLA.

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The project was carried out in collaboration with reBASE together with 10 artists who made a 3D scan of Hadid’s body.

To date, two different types of NFTs have been presented: a kind of sexy robot with a BDSM aesthetic and a bionic warrior with an oriental-like air.

More than half a million people have already signed up, both for a chance to purchase one of the two NFTs unveiled so far, as well as to be able to receive notifications when Hadid is nearby.

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The purchase of one of these NFTs will also give Hadid the opportunity to access a Discord channel that she will use to keep in touch with her fans twice a week but not be overwhelmed by them, a kind of low-stress engagement.

Hadid stated in an interview with Vogue: “The whole initiative stems from my interest in gaming since I was a child. This is not about connecting me to people, but connecting people to other people. I want to be a tool”.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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