Music Vinilica vol. 85 – 99paranoie

Vinilica vol. 85 – 99paranoie

Emanuele D'Angelo

The single was officially released on January 22, but it keeps echoing in our heads. So we decided this week’s new guest for vinyl volume 85 is 99paranoie.

99paranoie is the pseudonym of Jacopo Micillo, an artist born in 1999 and from the lower province of Brescia. In his life, besides writing, he also sells vintage cars, but this is another matter that we will talk about sooner or later.

What we want to talk about is undoubtedly the single “iPhone” released by Ferramenta Dischi and distributed by Believe.
A single in which the artist from Lombardy sings of the escape from disappointments in a continuous dialogue with an evanescent figure, to which he can not say goodbye.

Waiting for who knows a new album in this 2021 to try to better understand 99paranoie, an artist capable of ranging between different genres that binds harmoniously, from rock funk to the American power pop.

But to try to know him a little more musically we have the best solution for you. Here is his playlist made exclusively for Mag with all his influences, or as he himself says: “his life”.

In this playlist is my whole life. It’s everything I’ve ever been, everything I am, and everything I may ever be.Listening to this playlist, I become a kid again, fall in love with my ex-girlfriends again, and remind myself that one day I’ll listen to it whizzing by in a Gallardo.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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