Art Ana Hillar makes us breathe with the exhibition “Tummo” at Tempesta Gallery 

Ana Hillar makes us breathe with the exhibition “Tummo” at Tempesta Gallery 

Giulia Guido

Nature is the starting point of all the artistic production of Ana Hillar, an Argentine artist who currently lives and works in Faenza, a city where she studied archaeological ceramic restoration. After making a name for herself with the installation “Sombra del Viento,” the solo show “Humano” and numerous exhibitions around the world, Ana Hillar is now ready to present her latest work. 

She will open Tuesday, June 21, at Tempesta Gallery in Foro Buonaparte 68 in Milan, “Tummo” a path that starts from nature will make viewers rediscover the most intimate and hidden part of themselves. 

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Tummo” takes its name from an ancient Buddhist breathing technique that makes it possible to survive extreme conditions, and its goal is to bring our attention back to the body as a living organism that we too often forget to listen to. 

Within Tempesta Gallery’s space, Ana Hillar offers us a journey of self-discovery through never-before-seen material works and stoneware installations created specifically for this exhibition. Prominent among the series of sculptures featured are the site-specific installations Breath and Habitat. 

Taking material from the earth, making use of ancient techniques such as wood firing, knowing how to guide the fire to witness the necessary transformation is fundamental in my research, bringing me closer to the roots of an ancestral culture that belongs to us. […] The direct dialogue with the material implies a slow and long process, one could compare it to the cycles of agriculture, the gathering of the material, the preparation, the slow and progressive development of the form, the drying and finally the cooking. Like a mantra, it marks time in a slow and repetitive way. […] Tummo is the expression of the beat that tirelessly endures, persists and repeats itself, inevitably incessant.” – Ana Hillar 

“Tummo” will be open to the public from June 21 to October 7. 

Ana Hillar
Written by Giulia Guido
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