Art Andrea Love’s boiled wool animations
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Andrea Love’s boiled wool animations

Giulia Guido
Andrea Love

Making art means taking a common object, that everyone can have, and transforming it into something extraordinary. This is what Andrea Love does every day with felt and boiled wool. 

These two commonly used fabrics, typical for their roughness, are Andrea’s main working tools. 

Andrea Love lives in Port Townsend, a small town in the state of Washington, and works in the basement of her home, which has been cleverly converted into a recording studio. After studying video production and filmmaking, Andrea embarked on a career as a self-taught animator and became so successful that she now has one and a half million followers on Instagram. 

But what exactly does Andrea Love do? She makes very short stop-motion films, shaping boiled wool to her liking and turning it into food, characters, animals and dozens of other things. 

Her works, which have been screened at various film festivals such as the Tribeca Film Festival and the LA Shorts Fest, range from animated shorts, commercials and personal projects. Among these, a special mention goes to the video series entitled “Cooking with Wool”. The videos are actual recipe tutorials of some of the most globally known dishes, from pizza to banana splits. 

Below you can find some of her videos, but follow her on Instagram to not miss all of Andrea Love’s new productions. 

Artanimationstop motion
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