The ethereal and evanescent images of Isabelle Chapuis

23 August 2019

Anitya is the name of Isabelle Chapuis' photographic series that aims to convey the evanescence of our bodies and our lives.

Isabelle Chapuis has worked on a photographic series called Anitya, which highlights the human figure and shapes of our bodies with reference to both our inner and outer beauty. Human Beings are in a perpetual state of development. Between the blue shores, the photographs maintain a flow that is lost and enriched.

The series focuses on the idea of impermanence – change, movement and the passage of time. Sparkling sands fall from the bodies like an hourglass that comes to life. The protagonists of these shots seem to be inanimate figures, like statues of stone and sand.

By creating a dialogue between skin and sand, Isabelle Chapuis represents the human form in a constant state of metamorphosis. “Sand is a metaphor for the human condition, constantly in motion…synonymous with all possibilities, sand carries within itself the promise of eternal change, imagines an endless horizon”.

Text by Elisa Scotti


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