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Hypnotic looks, gentle handshakes, thoughtful hugs and gestures of comfort: those of Anna Försterling, on Instagram @anna.foersterling, are vivid and intense photographs.

Her shots connect body and soul, relate art and life and are an explosion of purity and humanity. Looking at her photographs you can perceive the vivid sensation of a skin caress, the hardness of contracted muscles and the intensity of deep breaths. 

Shots in analog and black and white, the photographs of Anna Försterling are masterful compositions. 

We had the opportunity to talk with her about her work and future projects. 
Here is the interview, good reading.

How did you discover photography? 

I became interested in photography when I did an internship with a photographer many years ago. After that, I also wanted to do an apprenticeship as a photographer.
During my training, I got to know analog photography and immediately fell in love with the process and the charm of the film. Since then I have been photographing my projects only on film.
At the same time, I also started to photograph only people, because all of a sudden I was very interested in that. Before that, I photographed animals and landscapes. 

What do you like to tell through your photography? 

I find it beautiful to show the human body in its pure form. I’m interested in the character and body forms.
Above all, I found out through nude photography that not only the eyes can reveal a part of the soul, but also the whole body and skin are very expressive. For me, naturalness is as important as the image composition. 

What is femininity for you? 

That is what I am trying to find out. 

Do you think we are really rebelling against stereotypes about the perfect body or is it a trend? 

I have not really dealt with that yet. I photograph all people and find everybody interesting.
I find it important to be able to show and appreciate the body as the most normal thing in the world- naked. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your body, otherwise you can’t be really happy! 

Which artists have influenced your search? 

I have no one to name. I admire some photographers and I love their pictures, of course also current photographers, but it’s not like I’m walking on the tracks of a photographer.
But what I can say is that music inspires me a lot and it helps me to relax and find new ideas. I love the music of the 60s to 90s, especially rock music. 

What are you working on lately? 

I want to continue my series “Different skins”, in which I want to visualize the relationship between humans and animals.
I want to show that we are all living beings on this earth and that we have to respect each other! No more factory farming and animal experiments! 

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Anna Försterling, a vital photographer
Anna Försterling, a vital photographer
Anna Försterling, a vital photographer
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