Art Anna Maghradze, digital collage between dream and reality
Artdigital collage

Anna Maghradze, digital collage between dream and reality

Giulia Guido

There are artists who represent reality, others who give free rein to fantasy, there are those who specialize in portraits and those who specialize in landscapes, and then there is Anna Maghradze who gives life to scenarios that live on the border between dream and reality. 

On her Instagram profile, which has 13 thousand followers in continuous growth, Anna Maghradze shares her digital collages that almost always have photographs taken by herself as a starting point. What we are offered is a journey into her imagination where everything seems more beautiful, where sunsets are printed on the walls of bedrooms and buildings, where the sea enters inside the house, where the horizon no longer exists and the earth and sky are one magnificent thing. 

Anna Maghradze’s works amaze us with their perfection, which deludes us into thinking that we are observing reality. 

Everything is suspended, surreal and perfect. The colors are just as they should be, those two lovers kissing behind the curtains could not be more beautiful and the moon could not shine more. 

Below you can find a selection of Anna Maghradze’s works, but to find out more go to her Instagram profile and to buy her prints go to her website

Artdigital collage
Written by Giulia Guido
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