On the Arctic Circle border

3 March 2017

A journey to the Arctic Circle border, the endless white expanses, the sled trailed by the reindeer and the infinite beauty of the Northern Lights.

Probably Lewis Carroll visited this piece of land bordering on Arctic Circle before to write “Alice in Wonderland“.
Expanses of snow and white rabbits’ footprints inside the forests lit only by sunlight and frozen lakes where skis and sleds are the only means of transport.

Winter can be harsh and in some months of the year the daylight hours are few, but the skylight colors and the sunrise reflections that become sunset without you noticing it, are amazing.

If you visit Lapland in winter, put in mind to wake up when it’s still dark, enjoy your porridge with calm and exaggerate with cranberry sauce and berries – here also exist, to the delight of polar bears, the cloudberry and thanks to them they can get their fill of vitamin C farm-to-table.

Although the temperatures may seem like a deterrent, actually all the activities are outdoors. From slides with reindeer or dogs to snowmobiling, from cross-country ski in the forests to alpine ski, from snowshoeing at sunset until snowboarding on the slopes brightly lit until late afternoon.
At Ylläs, one of the favorite places by skiers, the hills have a maximum height of 700 meters, not like the Alps we are used to in Southern Europe.

At the end of the day, before a reindeer stew or a salmon soup, your efforts will be rewarded from the Finnish Nordic traditions: the sauna. It followed the even more traditional immersion in a frozen lake’s hole where to regenerate after the steam bath – careful not immerse the head into the icy water in winter. In some places, like the Aurora Estate, you can also try the experience of the smoked sauna, and if you are lucky, you can admire with your eyes the Northern Lights, an incredible nature’s spectacle that color the sky of green and purple.

It is not difficult to understand why Santa Claus and his elf have decided to have a permanent residence in Lapland.

Hot to get there
Flights from Italy with a stopover in Helsinki to Kittila, Ivalo, Rovaniemi, Kuusamo, Kemi

Where to stay
Lapland Hotels, is the hotel chain with more accommodations on the territory.
For a more warm place you can try Aurora Estate.

They can be booked with the hotel support or even contacting Safartica.



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