Art The future of Nigeria in the works of Arinze Stanley

The future of Nigeria in the works of Arinze Stanley

Tommaso Berra
Arinze Stanley |

The eyes of Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley see the future of his country as increasingly uncertain, a victim of a policy that does not help the people, and the youth in particular. The artist sees the way young people are reclaiming their role and has made them the protagonists of a series of hyper-realistic portraits, made on paper with charcoal and graphite.
The boys and girls made by Arinze Stanley express the future of the capital city of Lagos and of an entire nation of more than 200 million people.

Arinze Stanley’s technical choice is very precise, the portraits are almost always close-ups, with gazes pointing straight at the viewer. The choice of technique is no accident; the highly refined details of the faces express the confidence of the various personalities, just as the unfinished parts show how the young people have yet to form themselves as citizens and people. Indeed, the skin details are interrupted in rough graphite marks, sketched as if they were sketches, metaphors for a path yet to be completed that faces setbacks and complications. Then, in the background of the portraits are almost always bricks, a solid wall that contrasts ideologically and visually with the real protagonists of the works.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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