Art Art is Resistance – Yuri Sata

Art is Resistance – Yuri Sata

Giulia Pacciardi

Monday will start the last week of Art is Resistance, the project that we at have been running since mid-March and which will end with the closing of all auctions on May 8th.

The proceeds of all the auctions, as we have already told you many times, will all go to the Lombardy region to support the Covid-19 emergency in the extraordinary purchase of masks, protective suits, disinfectants, and equipment necessary for health facilities, doctors, nurses, and staff to better treat the sick and limit the opportunities for contagion.

The first artist of this last week will be Yuri Sata who on Monday 27th will try his hand at creating a live work on Instagram.

While you’re waiting to discover his work, check out all the ones already at auction here and stay connected for the next artists!

YURI SATA – live on‘s Instagram profile and on his profile from 3pm on 27.04.2020.

Yuri Sata, born in ’89, he grew up in Cinisello Balsamo and now lives and works in Milan.
Yuri fell in love with drawing in the early years of his life, only to discover during his adolescence what would become his great passion: graffiti.
The love and growing interest for this art, will lead him over the years to explore new forms of lettering, on various media (canvas, walls, fabrics, glass …).
In 2010, at the age of 21, almost as if it were a necessary phase in the research of lettering and drawing, Yuri approached tattooing, transporting the influences of graffiti and the passion for letters in this new artistic path.
Since 2017 Yuri Sata is also co-founder, together with his partner, of SATATTTVISION tattoo studio in Milan, a tattoo studio that hosts artists of national and international importance.

On Monday 27th, Yuri Sata will be live on our Instagram profile and his profile and will work on an ad hoc artwork that, as soon as it is finished, will be auctioned on 32auctions where he will stay until 8th May.

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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