Design Atmos Facemask, the new mask for filtering air
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Atmos Facemask, the new mask for filtering air

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Due to climate change that is taking hold more and more quickly in recent times, many brands are trying to make their contribution to improve this situation. In particular, the Atmos Facemask -that has been designed by Aō AIR – is an alternative to the mask or respirator that provides innovative protection against air pollution and airborne pathogens.

Atmos Facemask was presented at the CES 2020, a fair turn in Las Vegas, and is told as a transparent mask that runs through the face, covering the mouth and nose. Inside it is incorporated a ventilation system that adapts perfectly to the wearer’s breathing by cleaning and purifying the air through the mask.

Air filtering masks are very popular in some parts of the world such as India, where there is the highest rate of air pollution. They are also very popular in China – the arcane is explained – where people wear surgical masks to prevent their germs from infecting other people and vice versa. However, this kind of masks does not have any kind of technology because they do not have exhaust valves with cleaning performance.

The debut of Atmos Facemask is imminent due to the flames that are spreading in Australians and growing concerns about climate change that could aggravate the situation by making the fire seasons longer and more intense.

In addition to flames, the polluted air caused by smoking is incredibly dangerous and can promote asthma and other respiratory conditions leading to strokes, heart disease, and even cancer.

The air in the Atmos Facemask provides up to 50 times more protection than its competitors. The mask cleans the air at about 240 liters per minute and its filters last about a month, depending on the ambient air quality. The batteries last about five hours, depending on lung capacity and physical activity.

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