Beefbar Paris, the return of Art Nouveau style

20 February 2019

Beefbar Paris is much more than a splendid restaurant: discover the story behind the Art Nouveau Humbert & Poyet's project!

Derived from the wall panels of a 19th-century atrium, the interiors of the Beefbar Paris represent the perfect tribute to the Art Nouveau style (known in Italy like Liberty), created by the architecture and design studio Humbert & Poyet.

The studio has defined work as a “game between sobriety and eccentricity” able to amaze the visitor and catapult him into the past, a past made of beauty, elegance and harmony. The restaurant is located just off the Champs Elysées and occupies the former site of the prestigious restaurant The Fermette Marbeuf, opened in 1898. The beautiful atrium of the Fermette was found almost 80 years later, since the room had been walled during the Second World War to be protected from the arrival of the Nazis.

Now space is back to shine, after several restorations and a restyling that reconciles the past with the present: surely the Beefbar is much more than a restaurant, it is a symbol.

Take a look at the restaurant website here.


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