Art Benedetto Bufalino’s football pitch built into a labyrinth

Benedetto Bufalino’s football pitch built into a labyrinth

Giulia Guido

Artist and creative Benedetto Bufalino is back with a site-specific work that distorts reality. LABY-FOOT is the name of the installation created in the Parc Central in Kirchber, Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Casino Luxembourg and the Fonds Kirchberg. 

Using wooden structures, the French artist has transformed a labyrinth into a 3D football pitch. Seen from the ground, the work appears only as a series of white lines surrounding hedges, but when seen from above, LABY-FOOT reveals itself in all its complexity and you can recognise the areas of a football field.

Like almost all of Benedetto Bufalino’s works, this one is not just meant to be watched, but the field can actually be used for friendly matches, which led to the organisation of a real four-week tournament. 

With this installation, the artist invites everyone to rethink the spaces we already know and take for granted, adding as always a playful touch that never hurts and pursuing his motto “Déconstruire le monde pour le reconstruire” (“Deconstruct the world to reconstruct it”).

LABY-FOOT will remain open to anyone who wants to play an unusual game of football until 5 September 2021.  

Benedetto Bufalino
Benedetto Bufalino
Benedetto Bufalino

Written by Giulia Guido
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