Style “Vieni a vedere”, Gaetano Pesce and Bottega Veneta for Design Week

“Vieni a vedere”, Gaetano Pesce and Bottega Veneta for Design Week

Andrea Tuzio

The intrinsic bond that exists between Bottega Veneta and renowned designer, architect and sculptor Gaetano Pesce is now a given.

After “Come stai?”, the work that served as the set design for the Spring/Summer 2023 show of the Italian fashion house owned by the Kering Group – later exhibited during the 18th edition of Design Miami – the La Spezia-born artist has created two limited-edition bags and a new immersive, site-specific installation called “Vieni a vedere”, which will be on view from April 15-22, during Milan Design Week 2023 (April 17-23), at the Bottega Veneta boutique on Via Montenapoleone.

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The space in which we present the bags is a cave. It is narrow, you go through one at a time, whether underground or above ground, you find a way through it. What you actually cross is the silhouette of a figure intent on shooting hoops. It almost represents a victory, but it is not clear whether it will hit the basket or not. In this case, the victory is a discovery, that of the language of representation. It is about breaking new ground in design”, these are the words of the designer. 

On this occasion Pesce created a work that blends resin and fabric and serves as the backdrop for the bags the designer has reinterpreted, My dear mountains and My dear prairies, in 15 and 3 pieces, respectively, where the artisanal attitude of the maison and what are the artist’s strictly personal memories are perfectly blended, bringing together his youth spent in Este, south of the Euganean Hills, and his American life, which he has been living now since 1983.

“Vieni a vedere” will be open to the public from April 15 to 22, just register by clicking here.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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