Style Brain Dead hosts design studio Space Available

Brain Dead hosts design studio Space Available

Andrea Tuzio

Here on we have spoken often about Brain Dead, not only for its peculiar and innovative aesthetic, but also for the attention the Los Angeles-based brand puts into choosing initiatives to support, collaborations, and, more generally, its philosophy.

In support of this approach, Brain Dead has designated the space called Fabrications, in the heart of Silverlake-a neighborhood east of Hollywood, a vibrant and diverse socio-cultural center and hub of the U.S. alternative rock scene-just for the presentation of collaborations and new projects.

It was in the very spaces of Fabrications that the new collaboration with the design studio Space Available, was shown, consisting of an exhibition entitled The Mycelium Network.

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“Here at Space Available we very much believe that biomaterials are the future. And having an opportunity to work with cult brand Brain Dead helps amplify this further, hopefully leading to positive impacts within the cultural and design landscape”, these are the words of the firm entrusted to a statement about the project.

Space Available focuses mainly on the push to increase the use of mycelium – the vegetative apparatus of fungi – as the material of the future.

Brain Dead and Space Available have unveiled a series of furniture and design objects – currently on display at Brain Dead Fabrications in Los Angeles – that represent a clear critique of disposable culture. Each piece is in fact natural and 100 percent biodegradable.

Below are images from the exhibition.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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