Cabana, David Behar’s summer atmosphere

4 June 2018

David Behar is a Los Angeles-based photographer and art director who, with his Cabana project, tells the sunny summer atmosphere.

If the summer, between a storm and another, arrives late, in the hands of artists, illustrators and photographers have already exploded for a long time.

Cabana, a project designed by art director and photographer David Behar, bringing us directly to sunny beaches, focusing on those small kiosks that often become the lifeline to escape the excessively hot temperatures that characterize our holidays.

His photographs, with their colorful and paradisiac atmospheres, are a breath of fresh air from the gray colors that, for a while, we will still be forced to endure.

Cabana, David Behar | 1 Cabana, David Behar | 2 Cabana, David Behar | 3 Cabana, David Behar | 4 Cabana, David Behar | 5 Cabana, David Behar | 6


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