Photography The absurd reality in Cameron Burns’ works
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The absurd reality in Cameron Burns’ works

Chiara Sabella
Cameron Burns |

According to ancient Celtic tales, we are in the week of the year when the boundary between our world and the otherworldly becomes so thin that we can cross it. The surreal shots of Cameron Burns, aka Captvart, as you can find him on Instagram, seem to remind us of this. An all-around artist, that creates supernatural stories to teleport us into them.

Burns specializes in music album covers and animations, with a list of important record collaborations behind him, including Juice WRLD, The Lumineers, Neon Trees, Run The Jewels and many others. His passion for music soon blossomed into photography, through which the young artist continued to experiment and accompany bands on tour. After testing himself in different artistic paths, under the advice of some friends, Burns approached the world of digital art and NFT, by which today you can buy his work on Foundation and Knownorigin. An acronym for Non-Fungible Token, NFTs are a special type of cryptocurrency that is associated with a unique and authentic digital object, such as an image, a video, an album cover or a piece of music. Today, they are used in crypto art to create digital property because, unlike bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, they are not interchangeable tokens.

Cameron Burns’ works leave us suspended in mid-air between a real and an extraordinary world, just like the subjects of his photographs. The artist’s gaze populates the landscape with spectres that fill streets, bookstores, blockbusters and look at us motionless, as if the intruders were us. A subtle and restless irony runs through all his shots, nullifying gravity to make the objects around rise. The spirits, all busy with their tasks, seem to be captured by mistake by the lens, while they whiz by on their bicycles or take a ride on the merry-go-round, unaware of anything. With hyper-saturated tones Cameron Burns tells us stories that are dreamlike but intimately real, because they are charged with the emotions felt by the artist at the moment of creation. Through compositions that represent his emotional sphere, Burns makes us see a “new everyday life”, in which reality is absurd because the absurd becomes real.

Photographydigital artphotography
Written by Chiara Sabella
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