Art Air Jordan Project, the project of Carlos Jimenez Varela

Air Jordan Project, the project of Carlos Jimenez Varela

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Carlos Jiménez Varela, an award-winning creative director and designer from Costa Rica and specialized in photocomposition and photo retouching, has created the Air Jordan Project, a project where he portrays the sneaker models of the Air Jordan brand line in a surreal way. The work consists in enlarging in scale each shoe produced by Nike and, subsequently, positioning it in different places, in a methodical way so that the sneaker can blend with the surrounding environment. To achieve an optimal result, the artist used Photoshop for image processing and post-production. The way it was used, the color, in fact, is not necessarily the one in which each model was released, but the one that best suits the composite from an artistic point of view.

Then Carlos Jimenez Varela, for the realization of Air Jordan Project, personally took the photos of the environments or found them on royalty-free websites such as Unsplash, Pixabay or Pexels and, again using Photoshop, the artist made some changes to better insert the shoe into the context. The photo of the sneaker itself comes from Amazon or other online retailers.
The environments in which the shoes are inserted are multiple, from city streets, airports, beaches, seabed, etc. etc..

The project follows a chronological order and the shoes are placed according to the period in which they were released. Air Jordan Project and the other works are on the official website of the artist and on his Instagram profile!

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