Design The design that envisions the chairs of the future

The design that envisions the chairs of the future

Anna Frattini

There are numerous design brands that are closely engaged with the theme of sustainability, and today we have chosen four to discover in the category of seating. All of these chairs have an appealing appearance and imagine the future of design through recycling and the recovery of raw materials using various techniques. From Paolo Cappello, who envisions Superpop for Miniforms, to Iammi, who imagines a seat carved from a block of recycled foam.

  • #1 Paolo Cappello for Miniforms
    The Italian brand Miniforms gives new life to plastic waste thanks to Paolo Cappello, an industrial designer who uses rotational molding to achieve a Terrazzo effect.
courtesy miniforms
  • #2
    The plastic used for the chairs designed by Guilherme Wentz comes from the ocean. The Brazilian designer uses a 3D wave technique to transform plastic waste into his latest collection, Mar.
  • #3 Behh
    The Dutch brand Behh uses recycled wool for the Circular and Frameless Chair. The material used for this seat comes from one and a half million kilograms of wool scraps in the Netherlands. It is versatile and durable.
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  • #4 Iammi
    The duo formed by Nicolau Dos Santos and Stephanie Blanchard presented CLOUDS during the last Design Week—a seat carved from a single block of recycled foam, completely Made in Italy.
courtesy Iammi Design Studio
Written by Anna Frattini
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