Photography Cinematography – Euphoria

Cinematography – Euphoria

Giordana Bonanno

It’s been more than a year since the 2019 release of Euphoria, an HBO series written and scripted by Sam Levinson, but some are still wondering if it’s “the best series about adolescence since Skins” – maybe it is? What is certain, however, is the growing success and superlative reviews it continues to garner following the December 6 release of the special episode about the main character Rue.

We previously told you the story here, today we return to it by analyzing the dynamic and fascinating aesthetic of the footage and comparing it to the photography of Laura Lobos, whose goal is to depict the life, everyday life and interpersonal relationships of the new generation.

Both stories feature young boys as protagonists, but what makes them exciting in the eyes of the viewer and memorable over time is that they are universal expressions of feelings, concerns, and states of mind regardless of age. Euphoria’s success is also due to the themes it deals with: addiction, gender change, toxic masculinity, body positivity. These are the issues that unite the characters and the audience, “I think part of the experience of growing up, getting through high school, is realizing that any person is going to go through some shitty times. That you are the way you are because of the traumas you’ve overcome. Or not.” said director Levinson.

Marcell Rév, on the other hand, is the director of photography who recreated a beautifully stylized aesthetic to tap into the inner world of the teens. For the color palette, they kept changes simple but impactful, “It has to be colored a certain way, to feel that elevation. But we didn’t want it to look like the colors of the rainbow, or without a real system. So, most of the time, we use primary colors, and I rely a lot on the orange-blue color contrast, which is really key,” says the cinematographer. “We use it in both night and daytime scenes.” Real emotional realism.

Another stylistic feature to highlight is the sophisticated camera movement that recurs especially in the first season, from highly cinematic lighting to a saturated color palette.

In the meantime, a preview of the second special episode dedicated to Jules has been released, due out on January 24th. We can not wait to find out what happens next, in the meantime let us be accompanied by the soundtrack of Labrinth as we browse some frames from the film and photographs of @lauralobos.

Did you know: Hunter Schafer got an audition via Instagram and it’s her acting debut.

Genre: Drama
Director: Sam Levinson
Director of photography: Marcell Rév
Stars: Hunter Schafer, Zendaya, Maude Apatow

Written by Giordana Bonanno
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