Photography Cinematography – The Dreamers

Cinematography – The Dreamers

Giordana Bonanno

“I was 20” is what Matthew said in the beginning of the movie.

It was the year ’68 and Paris had never been so alive. Delicate, rebellious and rebellious years like the twenty-year-old protagonists of Bertolucci’s film: Matthew, Isabelle and Theo, the dreamers who had never been so alive in Paris.

Those who know the film already know that seeing it is a cathartic experience, especially for those who are still young and eager to know. In The Dreamers there is everything, cinema, sex, eroticism, the desire for rebellion. There is the sense of the unknown, the desire to transgress, the change (even the end credits flow backwards, that is, from top to bottom) that is tempting even if it blocks our fear. The three young protagonists want to live as if they were in a work of art, amidst cinematic references and the Cinémathèque française that they frequent assiduously. “Maybe the screen was really a screen: it screened us from the world…“.

In those years even artists were committed to overcome the idea of “perfect reality” that had been indoctrinated, of an illusion pursued by Classic cinema that had to be unveiled, and for this reason The Dreamers is a film and a testimony of artistic feeling.

Fabio Cianchetti, director of photography, was awarded a Golden Ciack for Best Photography in 2004, and today we want to pay tribute to him by browsing through some of the most beautiful and intense frames and compare them with the shots of photographer Henrik Purienne. Even if there are styles and years of difference between them, there is a thought that unites them: to consider art, in the most generic term, capable of transforming our life experience and capturing exemplary moments, not only from a concrete/material point of view but also metaphorical/spiritual.

And with La Mer accompanying you in the background, browse through the gallery below and let yourself be embraced by that romantic atmosphere that only true dreamers recognize.

Did you know: Leonardo DiCaprio was offered the role of Matthew, but turned it down because he was in pre-production with The Aviator (2004). Michael Pitt, who bears considerable resemblance to DiCaprio, was cast in his place.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci

Director of photography: Fabio Cianchetti

Writer: Gilbert Adair 

Stars: Michael Pitt, Louis Garrel, Eva Green

Written by Giordana Bonanno
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