Art Constellation, the Festival that combines art and technology

Constellation, the Festival that combines art and technology

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Constellations is the digital arts festival that takes place in the city of Metz from 20 June to 7 September, for three years now.

The installations and projects of the artists involved in it are able to build parallel dimensions which is possible to visit  thanks to three main courses offered to the public: Digital Stones, Street Art and Art and Gardens.

Let’s starting from the first.

The Pierres Numériques course invites the public to make a nocturnal journey to discover the architectural heritage of the city, including installations and projections that combine art and technology.

The artist Vincent Masson stands out the mighty Saint-Etienne cathedral with a mapping named Morphosis that defines the polymorphic character of the building, all this accompanied by a musical and animated narration to tell the most important events that marked the history of the city.

With the Vivam Memoriam project by Romain Tardy we arrive at the heart of the event, a sound and light show that takes place in New Temple, one of the most important Protestant buildings of neo-Romanic architecture, which celebrates the end of the digital age.

Being crossed by the Moselle canal, for the city of Meltz water is a primary and important source, so that the artist Joanie Lemercier has chosen to present his work Constellations on a water drops screen, which projections of lights create three-dimensional images that carry us through the rhythm of music between planets and stars.

In the cloister, which host the House of the Region, usually closed to the public, Olivier Ratsi presents Frame Perspective. It covers the four corridors of the construction of red rectangular neon lights that light up one after the other to offer a staging out of time.

The Basilica of San Vincenzo has been a desacralized monument since 2012, and the artist Guillaume Marmin with the agency TETRO have chosen to present their work in “1.3 seconds”. In addiction to being the title of the project, it is also the length of time that light takes to travel between the Earth and the Moon.

Each of these installations, and many others will carry you to a space never seen before.

With 950,000 visitors for the second edition, Constellations has been recognized as the summer art festival to discover absolutely.

Text by: Giordana Bonanno

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