Art coseneilibri, 1 thing out of 3 makes you cry

coseneilibri, 1 thing out of 3 makes you cry

Giulia Pacciardi

Have you ever found an object belonging to someone you don’t know?
A wallet, a piece of paper, a diary or maybe a book? 
Yes, I have, and what I found on the first page was a beautiful dedication, something that maybe I shouldn’t have read, that I would have liked to give back to the rightful owner but that allowed me to fantasize without limits about a relationship completely unknown to me.

And this is what I imagine may have also happened to the owner of the Instagram account @coseneilibri, whose bio says:

Didactic title for a semi-serious archive of things found in used books. Things lost, forgotten or abandoned. 1 out of 3 things make you cry.

And those things forgotten inside yellowed books looked through in who knows what place by who knows what hands, make you really cry but also laugh a lot.
There is a postcard depicting Italian porn actress Moana Pozzi half-naked inside a text by Elena Gianini Belotti, “Dalla parte delle bambine. L’influenza dei condizionamenti sociali nella formazione del ruolo femminile dei primi anni i vita” consistent, no?
The flyer of the Disco Tiffany valid for the summer of ’87 used to keep the sign of “Caro Michele” by Natalia Ginzburg, the paper of a plaster of the Esselunga inside “Moby Dick“, the business card of the disco Nepentha in Milan inside a book by Jean Paul Sartre and colored scribbles of a little girl on the pages of, a destroyed, “Cipì” by Mario Lodi.

Then there are the dedications, the black and white photos and the sepia-colored ones that tell much more intimate, romantic, exciting stories, those that, according to bio and also, in my opinion, make you cry.
Since you always bust my balls with these fucking poems by Pavese“, so begins a dedication inside “Il mestiere di vivere“, then there is a “To Her Highness Titti, our princess…” written by Walter S. Currell author of the book “mila cercaveje”, a whole letter from a grandmother to her granddaughter Anna “Dear Anna, thank you for the little book by Erich Segal that you lent me. Yesterday it really kept me company.” Inside Segal’s “Love Story”.
And down to crying and getting excited with “Anthony, Carrer has been one of my favorite writers for a long time and you have been one of my very favorite people for a long time.”

An incredible collection of memories that don’t concern us, don’t belong to us but somehow enter us and make us imagine scenarios we would never have thought of, too far away, far from everything that is our lives.

@coseneilibri is one of those accounts that are worth following for the wonder it shows, precisely because everything you find inside it was not born to be shown, but to be kept and maybe not abandoned.

All pictures by @coseneilibri

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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