Short video for Breakfast – Cowboy, who are those of our days?

25 January 2019

The media company Tenton Gravity Research has always made videos to promote extreme sports to leave you breathless, like Cowboy.

There are figures that made history, but are now disappearing, or have already disappeared. One of these is the cowboy, a character who, in addition to being emblematic for the history of the United States, has also become the protagonist of dozens and dozens of films and today seems to have almost disappeared.

The short Cowboy, made by the media company Teton Gravity Research, rediscovers this figure, almost redefining its characteristics. Perhaps the modern cowboys are those who go in desperate search of adventure, which almost cannot do without it.

In the video, for example, we see skier Sean Jordan descending fearlessly from snowy mountains. There are no dangers, no obstacles, everything is possible. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the short film by director Clayton Vila.

Cowboy | Cowboy | Cowboy | Cowboy | Cowboy | Cowboy |


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