Art Cycling through Jen Lewis’ illustrations

Cycling through Jen Lewis’ illustrations

Emanuele D'Angelo

On the occasion of World Cycling Day the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) asked the illustrator Jen Lewis to immortalize with her pencil some of the most representative moments in the history of cycling and beyond.

The English illustrator accepted without even thinking about it, with this series she has managed to unite her two greatest passions.
In fact, Jen Lewis has always been a fierce cyclist, it only took her a few weeks to complete and deliver a whole series.

“Initially, the brief was to create one illustration in a montage form showing all the different cycling disciplines,” Jen explains. “But I was unsure how this would work especially showing people close together with the current social distancing guidelines. So it got rebriefed and one illustration turned into 11 to go out on all their different cycling channels.”

All illustrations are limited edition and on sale on Jen Lewiswebsite, below you can find a selection of the most iconic illustrations.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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