Art Daniel Arsham’s elastic installations
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Daniel Arsham’s elastic installations

Giulia Pacciardi
Le installazioni elastiche di Daniel Arsham | 2

There is a first time for everything: the first kiss, the first skinned knee, the first broken heart, the first salary, the first home and the first elastic wall.

This is more or less the list of the Daniel Arsham first times, famous American sculptor, who held, his first “solo show” during the Moscow Biannual, at the pavilion dedicated to him, named Karelia.

As I had suggested to you just above, Arsham’s works are stretchy and come from the walls of the pavilion itself: Arsham’s renowned talent for making the spaces plastic and elastic turns into flakes built through the union of two walls, sudden encounters from the ceiling, watches in unlikely stable pockets, hands and cloaks from unknown owners.

Everything is built with great mastery and with the aim of interacting with the lucky spectators of the exhibition.

Artcontemporary artexhibitioninstallation
Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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