Art Twin Peaks VR, the video game created by David Lynch
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Twin Peaks VR, the video game created by David Lynch

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American director David Lynch, the father of the TV masterpiece Twin Peaks, one of the most iconic TV series of all time, is about to launch Twin Peaks VR, a video game – made with virtual reality – based on the cult TV series. It’s been released on December 13, 2019, and was designed in collaboration with Showtime and Collider Games.

The first two series of Twin Peaks were broadcast for the first time correspondingly in 1990 and 1991 and, subsequently, Lynch re-proposed the third season of 18 episodes launched in 2017. Many of the original actors, such as Kyle MacLachlan, Sherilyn Fenn, and ‘Log Lady’ Catherine E. Coulson returned to the making, which was highly appreciated by critics and fans alike, with other stars such as Laura Dern and Naomi Watts joining the cast as new or unpublished characters. To announce the release of the video game, the official trailer has been published.

Obviously the whole plot is based on that of the show so that players are invited to explore some of the key places and – try – to solve and unravel the many puzzles and mysteries of Twin Peaks. Lynch has revisited well-known environments in the series, such as the iconic Red Room, the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department and the pine forest around the fictional city around Washington.
The structure of the game invites players to discover the different environments to unlock each level. Solving puzzles to help Copper and Gordon Cole (the FBI agent played by David Lynch himself), players will also encounter some of the strange and terrifying characters from the TV series along the way. Twin Peaks VR will be available on Steam, Oculus Rift, Vive and Valve Index this month, and on Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR soon.

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