Photography Diversity You, the beauty according to Marta Syrko

Diversity You, the beauty according to Marta Syrko

Claudia Fuggetti

Redefining the concept of beauty today seems to have become one of the most important missions in the panorama of contemporary photography. Diversity You is Marta Syrko‘s project modeled to rethink the concept of beauty as the interiority that reveals itself to the outside, enhancing imperfection as a trait of originality that makes us human.

Marta’s images aim to draw attention to tolerance towards those who are considered different and seek to raise a debate about globalization and the shared idea of universal beauty.

The various stories follow one another in their intensity and tell of how a small physical difference, a disease or the signs of an accident, can affect the existence and perception that you have of their image, in a society that seems to see nothing else. Are we just what others want to see about us?

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Written by Claudia Fuggetti
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