Design The Monster in IAMMI’s Closet at Dubai Design Week
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The Monster in IAMMI’s Closet at Dubai Design Week

Giorgia Massari

During the last Milan Design Week, we got to know the work of the design studio IAMMI, which has now flown to the United Arab Emirates to participate in Dubai Design Week together with Isola Design District. Founded in 2020 by Portuguese designer Nicolau dos Santos and Italian-French art director Stephanie Blanchard, IAMMI stands out for its ironic and provocative language. If the Clouds project, with its romantic and dreamy vein, had struck us, in Dubai, everything becomes more fun and playful. The creative duo presents the Friendly Monster Cabinet project, inspired by the famous “monster in the closet,” playing on a classic childhood fear. The monster is no longer hidden but revealed, becoming a friendly and functional object. As with every piece by IAMMI, the intention here is to evoke emotional responses and prompt action. In this case, the message is quite direct: “we welcome and face our fears until we can live with them in a light-hearted way.

What it is made of

This cute-looking cabinet/nightstand is, in fact, a luxury object. IAMMI’s skill lies in creating a product that, aesthetically, appears playful but can engage with functionality and quality. Our Friendly Monster Cabinet is made of polystyrene and entirely covered in smooth pink leather. A material as traditional as leather takes on a contemporary and complex form here. The monster’s belly opens, serving as both a door and a tabletop, while the face functions as a storage drawer. Once again, IAMMI pushes the boundaries of design through unconventional thinking and a focus on emotional engagement.

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Written by Giorgia Massari
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