“Earth”, Lil Dicky celebrates the love for our Planet with Leo DiCaprio and many others

19 April 2019

The official video of Earth, the new single by rapper Lil Dicky created to raise awareness of environmental issues, is released today.

One could say that Lil Dicky‘s new single falls by the wayside, aligning itself with all the demonstrations against environmental pollution and the initiatives taken to reduce waste. It’s called “Earth” and it was accompanied by the release of an official video literally amazing! 

But it’s better to do some things together with someone else and so Lil’s cause has been joined by some friends, including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, many others and icing on the cake, Leonardo Dicaprio who, it seems, is helping the American rapper to choose an environmental organization to which donate the proceeds of the video. 

The animated video will surely drive you crazy given, except Lil, all the other protagonists were represented as animals, so Ed Sheeran is a koala, Katy Perry is a pony, Hasley is a little lion, but I will not tell you anything else because you have to see it with your own eyes. 

What Lil Dicky did is beautiful, useful and right, so you have to listen to Earth, sing it, watch the video and share it!

earth lil dicky | Collater.al
earth lil dicky | Collater.al
earth lil dicky | Collater.al
earth lil dicky | Collater.al


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