Art “Easter Hope”, the new artwork of Tvboy
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“Easter Hope”, the new artwork of Tvboy

Emanuele D'Angelo

From Salvini to Di Maio, passing by Trump to Totti, TVBOY with his works mocks politicians, footballers and men of power, a bit all without making a difference, trying to emphasize the contradictions with a very provocative style.

With Easter just around the corner, TVBOY has taken advantage once again by creating one of his irreverent but certainly ironic artwork. Through his social channels, Palermo-based street artist Salvatore Benintende has claimed “Easter Hope”, his latest creation on the streets of Barcelona.

The message is quite clear, a white dove, a Christian symbol of Easter that represents reconciliation between the Creator and the human world proudly carries vials under its wings.
Vials that obviously refer to the vaccines that we hear so much about. And just not to leave anything out, in addition to reporting the logos of vaccines in the vials, the dove also holds in his beak a syringe.

A message of hope no doubt, waiting for everything to return to normal as soon as possible TVBOY albeit ironically reminds us that at the moment our most effective weapon remains the vaccine.

Artstreet art
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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