Style Edwin and ZZZEN™ Meditate Together
Stylegraphic design

Edwin and ZZZEN™ Meditate Together

Anna Frattini

ZZZEN™ is the publishing house that has decided to collaborate with Edwin for a capsule collection that aims to embody a new chicness brought forth by the transformative capacity of this partnership. Clément Bertrand, the graphic designer who co-founded ZZZEN™, is a versatile creative, capable of influencing the worlds of music, cultural exchange, and much more. His is a multidisciplinary approach that also impacts the realms of design, fashion, and art, thanks in part to CABLE RADIO SERVICE™ – a true platform for collaboration and exchange, where people from different backgrounds can share their favorite music for meditation. All of this creates an atmosphere of relaxation and mindfulness.

The capsule conceived with ZZZEN™ includes an Oshino jacket inspired by workwear, a laser-etched denim crossbody bag, along with the Sebastian shirt and various types of t-shirts. All pieces in the collection are recognizable, marked by Bertrand’s distinctive style characterized by peace symbols that reflect the essence of this capsule: a balance between lazy living and Zen mastery. Everything is inspired by his great passion for meditation.

Stylegraphic design
Written by Anna Frattini
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