Photography The female portraits by Nicholas Fols

The female portraits by Nicholas Fols

Giulia Guido
I ritratti femminili del fotografo Nicholas Fols |

Disturbing, sad, melancholy, tormented and extraordinarily perfect. These are the faces immortalized in Nicholas Fols‘ shots, a young photographer currently based in Milan. 

Despite his young age, his name is already internationally recognized both in the field of photography and fashion, in fact, Nicholas, in addition to creating true masterpieces behind the camera, never shirks from putting himself in front of the lens, whether his own or that of other photographers such as, for example, that of Pasquale Autorino aka Siermond

But in this case, we want to focus on his shots that as subject have mainly female faces. When they look straight into the lens we are captured by their hypnotic, almost glacial looks that fascinate us so much that we think that yes, they are looking right at us. 

Other times, instead, looking at his photographs we have the sensation of being right next to the models, of spying on them while they are doing their make-up, while they are mirrored, wrapped in a tormented, suspended, almost surreal atmosphere, where everything seems so delicate that it can be swept away with a blow. Hold your breath!

And in the end, the only thing we want is to be one of those girls, Nicholas Fols’ next muse. 

We have selected some of his shots, but to find out more go to Nicholas Fols’ Instagram profile

Written by Giulia Guido
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