Music Vinilica vol. 102 – LA NIÑA

Vinilica vol. 102 – LA NIÑA

Cristiano Di Capua

Music made in Naples is a very fast train, you cannot stop it.

Especially in the last 5 years, Neapolitan music continued to gain support all around Italy, and made a name for itself in the music industry, alongside all the mainstream genres.

It was precisely in this context that the music of LA NIÑA (Carola Moccia) was born. Neapolitan D.O.C., her simplicity and delicacy manages to exploit international sounds and make them its own, in a language that is always traditional but never ceases to renew itself.

Thanks to her violent and penetrating voice, LA NIÑA is one of the coolest new female faces of Naples. After her first EP “EDEN” and her latest single “TU”, featuring the neo-melodic icon Franco Ricciardi, she is ready once again to come under the spotlight, this time thanks to a series of live shows throughout Italy.

LA NIÑA will bring her hyper-futuristic pop to Giarre (CT), at the Ricci Weekender Festival, in a romantic location between the Etna volcano and the sea. The combination of this location – symbolic of the ancient Sicilian culture – with LA NIÑA’s sound promises an unforgettable evening.

To better understand her musical influences, we asked LA NIÑA to put together an exclusive playlist just for us. And now, you get to listen to it too.


Written by Cristiano Di Capua
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