Art Watch “Fire (Pozar)”, David Lynch’s new short film!
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Watch “Fire (Pozar)”, David Lynch’s new short film!

Giulia Guido

A few hours ago the acclaimed American director David Lynch published his latest work on YouTube. “Fire (Pozar)“, this is the title of the short film written, directed and drawn by Lynch himself, who has been working on it for five years. 

It was, in fact, 2015 when for the first time the director spoke about this project for which he involved Polish pianist and composer Marek Zebrowski. It is not the first time that the two collaborate, in 2007 they had made the record “Polish Night Music” and before that they had collaborated during the shooting of “Inland Empire”. 

Fire (Pozar)” is a real experiment, as Lynch himself said: “The purpose of our experiment was that I would not say anything about my intentions and Marek would interpret the images in his own way“. Later Zebrowski commented on the work saying “I thought it was a very melancholy film, in a way, and also very poetic. Without being too explicit, I tried to further illustrate what David was doing. For example, there’s something that looks like a hailstorm and there I used a lot of pinching, but I also used a slender melodic line to add a lyrical element.”

The music written by Zebrowski was then performed by the Penderecki String Quartet and David Lynch’s drawings were animated by Noriko Miyakawa

During this quarantine, David Lynch has been very active on his YouTube channel, entertaining his fans with unique and original weather forecasts and “Fire (Pozar)” is another gift that the director has given to his audience.

Watch the short film below! 

ArtShort film
Written by Giulia Guido
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