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All the must-see February Netflix films and tv series

Andrea Jean Varraud
Le cinque migliori uscite su Netflix di Febbraio | 2

Like every month comes our selection of film and serial products that will arrive on Netflix during this month February.

Chef Table: here is the great return for the sixth season of kitchen lovers’ series. For those of you who haven’t heard of Chef Table, it is important to know this is not a talent or a show where to learn how to cook dinner. We are talking about an anthological documentary, packaged to perfection, with each episode dedicated to one of the most influential chefs of the contemporary scene, enhancing the philosophy and approach to the secrets behind their kitchen as seen in the previous seasons. If you are interested in cooking, you cannot miss it.
The sixth season of Chef Table will be available on February 22nd.

Le cinque migliori uscite su Netflix di Febbraio | 2

Dirty John: will be out this month for lovers of the darkest stories. Dirty John is, in fact, an anthological series on crime took from Christopher Goddard‘s same name podcast being so successful in the United States. This series, created by Alexandra Cunningham, known to the general public for writing the cult series Desperate Housewives, immediately achieved great success: a great favor by critics and numerous awards including a Golden Globe for best actress in a miniseries. The cast for this production will also delight us, it is in fact made up of famous characters such as Connie Britton, Eric Bana, Juno Temple, and Julia Garner. For Dirty John, look at the Netflix catalog schedule for Thursday, February 14th.

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Velvet Buzzsaw: film directed by Dan Gilroy, known above all for the distressing thriller Nightcrawler, with Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, and Toni Collette.
Once again, the director offers us an original and innovative film where the art world meets sheer terror. A curator randomly finds some paintings he decides to exhibit attracting numerous critics and collectors attention. Unfortunately, at a later time, the works will show their dark and magical destructive nature. The film is a Netflix production and, since the trailer has just been released, you can kill time playing its alienating atmospheres. The long-awaited film will be included in the Netflix catalog from February 1st.

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Russian Doll: A series unsettling for its originality. Russian doll is a girl named Nadia, who during a party is sucked into an agonizing cycle which will end with her death only to be reborn upon her arrival at the party. The unfortunate Nadia is played by Natasha Lyonne, who is also one of the creators of the show (known as the new role in the American Pie series and for the more recent Orange is the New Black) together with Lesley Headland and Jamie Babbit behind the camera. An all-female series that will surely be able to surprise us for its originality and for the talent, unfortunately not completely recognized, of the protagonist. The Russian doll’s release is scheduled for February 1st.

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The Umbrella Academy: after Polar’s recent release, Netflix seems having become fond of the Dark Horse comic series. The Umbrella Academy is, in fact, a trait from the same name comic book. It’s the story of a family of superheroes investigating their father’s sudden death which turns out to be linked to a much greater threat for our beloved planet. The comic book bears the signature of Gerard Way, the famous frontman of My Chemical Romance is now on the small screen care of Jeremy Slater who is supported by a high-level cast made up by Ellen Page. Tom Hopper, Aidan Gallagher, and Adam Godley. This superhero series will be released on February 15th.

Le cinque migliori uscite su Netflix di Febbraio | 3

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