Sensual and captivating designs by Francorama

20 September 2019

Francorama is an artist from Montreal who creates captivating and sensual graphics, capable of making the body a powerful communicative tool.

With a style of visual representation that is very reminiscent of Henri Matisse’s Dance, Francorama offers us his graphics composed of sensual and captivating drawings. His works lead the public into a world in which the artist plays with the body and exposes it freely.

Although Francorama has stated that he was influenced by abstract expressionism, Cubism and Japanese art, he presents this vibrant and colorful graphics universe to the public, which takes on unique connotations. In each table the movements of its protagonists assume elegance and strength, creatively reworking the primordial idea of minimalism.

In this way, a palette of emotions and ideas is offered to the spectators, who are spontaneously involved by the playfulness of the images.

Once printed, the graphics of Francorama become elegant furnishing objects with a contemporary taste: in the artist’s shop, you can find a large dedicated section.

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