Art Michele Gabriele brings his aliens to miart

Michele Gabriele brings his aliens to miart

Giorgia Massari
gabriele michele

After yesterday’s preview on April 11, today miart officially opens to the public until Sunday 14. With the title no time, no space, director Nicola Ricciardi declared that this edition, the 28th, will be the best in recent years. Impossible to state objectively, but the novelties and the quality of the installations lead us to confirm this thesis. The emergent corridor, the first one you encounter as soon as you cross the entrance, is always the most interesting in our opinion. So many galleries we already knew, like Milan’s ArtNoble with an installation by Luca Staccioli, others we discovered here like London’s Gathering with works by Soojin Kang. Moving to the established corridors, also from London we also liked the booth at Cooke Latham Gallery with Lisa-Marie Harris’ solo show. Then Ciaccia Levi with Zero Gallery and Francesco Gennari’s installation; Cassina Project with works by Louisa Clement, Alessandro Fogo, Cecilia Granara and Erin Jane Nelson. What surprised us, however, was the work of Michele Gabriele (1983, Fondi), presented by the New York gallery ASHES/ASHES, which, by the way, is also simultaneously present in the spaces of the aforementioned Cassina Project, in the group show To Romanticize with Indecision that he curated together with Monia Ben Hamouda. So let’s talk about his work, perhaps the most Instagrammed of the fair because of the particularity of the subject, an alien – actually two, three if you count the painting – wounded, plastered and with fins on his feet.

gabriele michele

Michele Gabriele‘s mediums are painting, sculpture and installation. At miart there are two alien sculptures presented by the Lazio artist, class of ’83. In the background of July 2nd, the work at the center of the ASHES/ASHES booth, is the painting A Life in Theory that offers a clearer idea of what his research is. On the one hand, the artist makes us reflect on what are the alienating effects of the era in which we live, on the other hand, he does not take himself too seriously strong in an aesthetic that is extremely linked to the most sophisticated pop culture possible. In the midst of the Anthropocene, it is not surprising that everyone is drawn like moths to this booth, intrigued by the novelty of something finally divisive on display at miart.

michele gabriele
ASHES/ASHES, Michele Gabriele, miart 2024, installation view

Courtesy Michele Gabriele

Written by Giorgia Massari
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