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We’ve already talked about Giulia Frump here, but we couldn’t miss mentioning MAPS, the project by the photographer dating back to 2019, now on display at MIA Photo Fair until April 14th. The intention of this visual narrative is to reconstruct this seemingly invisible bond with the natural world through photographs, juxtaposing elements as diverse as they are similar. This reflection stems from the world we live in, characterized by increasingly frequent and facilitated connections where physical contact is diminishing day by day. A consideration shared by many, especially post-COVID-19, but one that continues to fascinate us.

Giulia Frump’s project also speaks of acceptance towards the changing body, aging, and the need to know when to stop. The subjects are all female: women who «have chosen to fearlessly show what can be socially perceived as flaws (skin blemishes, wrinkles, gray hair, scars, veins, and more), offering a genuine image of the numerous changes that occur throughout life, embracing them and letting photography assist them in a process of acceptance,» as the photographer tells us.

In short, this new reality brings us closer to distant worlds, but simultaneously sets aside our belonging to the natural world, now relegated to a few moments of our daily lives. However, this alienation has sparked MAPS, which as early as 2019 was reflecting on these issues.

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