Art Giuliano Sale and the representation of an uncertain society

Giuliano Sale and the representation of an uncertain society

Giorgia Massari
Giuliano Sale |

Using a language with a post-Cubist vein and harsh, cynical realism borrowed from the German New Objectivity, Italian painter Giuliano Sale (1977) recounts in stark terms the vices, psychoses and uncertainties inherent in contemporary society. Through figurative, disturbing and fragmented painting, the Sardinian-born painter creates distorted compositions that reflect the confusion of existence itself, tending toward self-destruction.
Giuliano Sale’s painting is free, not forced to pursue a precise line but, rather, tied directly to the artist’s own instincts, which assemble classical elements to expressionist ones, also drawing on street art and graphic style.

Some of his oil paintings show disheveled, messy faces in which nothing is in its place. The backgrounds, both flat and shaded, dominate. Sale’s strong color contrasts and chosen textures create further disorientation, causing the viewer’s eye to move continuously in search of a solution. Other works, however, are more complex from a compositional point of view. The human presence is evident, dictated by elements such as breasts, often recurring within the artist’s production, but also legs, arms, hands and hair. Bodies are often naked, sometimes portrayed in non-explicit sexual acts, others simply entangled on themselves, tending toward a de-humanization that deprives man of a morality, turning into a monstrous being. Humanity is lost and gives way here to perdition. The graphic elements, such as wine bottles, vignettes, or raindrops, are recognizable solely from the silhouette and contrast with the academic realism of some anatomical details.

Giuliano Sale |

Giuliano Sale’s works are “a hymn to uncertainty,” as the artist himself states, exploring the darker and more ambiguous side of our society, tirelessly focused on appearing in the best possible way and pursuing every possible vice, accompanied by a fake and vacillating morality.
In front of Giuliano Sale’s works, the viewer recognizes certain elements, which allow an initial approach of simple reading, hindered then by the irreverent chaos that disrupts every anatomical rule.

Giuliano Sale |

Courtesy by Giuliano Sale

Written by Giorgia Massari
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