There’s More Than One “Good Reason” Why You Should Listen To Golfers

There’s More Than One “Good Reason” Why You Should Listen To Golfers

Claudia Maddaluno

If you are looking for the last song to add to your October playlist, the Golfers got just what you want.

Max and Claudio have just released their second single after the previous Your Game: it’s called “Good Reason”, but there’s more than one good reason to listen to it.

The first one is that it’s a song you can listen to on Monday, feeling that the weekend has just begun. Also, it’s inspired by The Blaze and Jamie XX but mixes these influences with some innovative ideas and an original sound.

There’s another one good reason and it’s the stunning video that accompanies the track: the clip was shot by Dario De Simone in Naples and set in Made in Cloister Foundation that each year hosts a site-specific work created by international artists in order to support the dialogue between ancient tradition and contemporary art.

Look at the “Good Reason” video below and read more about Golfers in our interview.

Ciao Golfers, introduce yourself with few words and a song.

Ciao, we are Max and Claudio but, for an unspecified reason, on stage, we like to be called Golfers. We come from Irpinia and we play electronic music mixed with different sounds and vibes, bringing our listeners to clashing dimensions. Our music can’t be described by a genre (and we’re happy with that) so we suggest you to listen to our brand new single “Good Reason” to catch our musical identity.

Tell us how “Good Reason” was born.

That’s a good question! “Good Reason” was born unexpectedly. We were working in our studio on another track and at the end of the day, we realized that the previous track was turned into a new single (“Good Reason”), influenced by our current listenings. It is one of our favorite tracks because it was born in a completely natural way. 

Your project is strictly connected with modern art. The geometric lines, the vivid colors and the op art-inspired artworks represent your style. How do Golfers combine their electronic sound with modern visual art?

Since the beginning, we took care of our project’s aesthetic. The visual must be considered as a crucial aspect of our music. We luckily established a partnership with LAND OH Studio which designed the artworks of these first two singles (“Your Game” and “Good Reason”) as well as those of all our upcoming releases. 

The accompanying live-video for “Good Reason” was shot in Made in Cloister Foundation in Naples. Why did you choose that location and how did you start the partnership with the D.A.T.E. fashion brand?

Our music is strictly connected with modern art. We immediately felt that the Made In Cloister Foundation was our “cup of tea” combining modern art with historic architecture. D.A.T.E. likewise is a brand that combines fashion with music so we enjoyed their support wearing their FW20 sneakers in our video. We will probably do other things together soon.

What album should we listen to today?

“Dancehall” , The Blaze. One of our favorites.

Written by Claudia Maddaluno
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