Art GORE-TEX presents at Fuorisalone: REFRACTIONS

GORE-TEX presents at Fuorisalone: REFRACTIONS

Claire Lescot
GORE TEX presenta al Fuorisalone REFRACTIONS | 7

GORE-TEX presents REFRACTIONS, an installation that celebrates the brand’s different partnerships and wants to be a metaphor for the unlimited potential of creativity. As the refraction divides light into colors, in the same way, from this unique material, infinite collaborations can be radiated.

For the occasion will be presented also GORE-TEX INFINIUM a new product which is the result of the advancement of Gore technology, suitable for an Outdoor clothing line able to maintain a high degree of thermal insulation but comfortable and elegant.

We spoke with Jorg Hass (founder of the creative agency of Berlin BEINGHUNTED) and Borre Akkersdijk (innovator in the textile field and founder of BYBORRE) at a roundtable at Superstudio in Tortona street which also included: Benedikt Schlichting (GORE) and Giovanni Pagnotta (engineer/designer).

Jorg Haas

What was the evolution and how do you see BEHINGHUNTED’s future?

After spending a lot of time in the world of skating, graffiti and streetwear, in 1999 I had the idea to open the Behinghunted site. Initially, it was intended for a small group of people, lovers of design, music, sneakers, but the rumor spread with a large following. In ’99 having a site was really expensive for this reason the finalization took place only in 2001.Then I started to sell the first products on the platform and the next step was to open a physical store in Berlin where I distributed brands like Supreme, Nike Adidas Acronym and other Japanese.

After 10 years of retail I decided to change and exploit my wealth of knowledge and experience to be able to treat brands to a higher level. This is how the Behinghunted agency was born, where we deal with consultancy and provide a range of other services and we also have an art gallery.

What is your relationship with art and design?

It’s all connected. I’m very interested in both of them. I believe that art was once what design is today, just think of the paintings that were commissioned for churches.
In my gallery I offer space for innovative artists, so it’s not something just digital but also physical.

Is there anyone in particular that you would like to collaborate with?

Right now I’m very interested in virtual reality and I would like to collaborate with artists who deal with it. In any case, my eyes are always attentive on everything related to fashion, art and design, above all I keep an eye on the Asian market because they continue to reinterpret, in a very interesting way, what they have learned in the last 10 years.

What do you do for GORE-TEX?

GORE has a long history of collaborations behind it and is always looking for new partners. I deal with the translation of the brand spirit to other brands, designers or experimenters who want to enter into a contract with this reality. Two different brands that collaborate need to set the respective mentality, we as an agency, are able to understand the two languages and try to make the dialogue. A new challenge is to find interdisciplinary areas of work compared to 20 years ago.

Borre Akkersdijk

What is the BYBORRE brand most known for?

It’s known for our revolutionary 3D materials obtained by adapting machines for the production and sewing of mattresses. Our aim was to make clothes more functional through the integration of new technologies. As in the BB Suit in which cheap, batteries and sensors sewed inside to make it a wearable connected platform or with Cold Plasma a system through which we are able to clean the air from pollution only using the clothes we wear all the days.

Why did you decide to integrate the technology into your fabrics?

Because fundamentally I am a curious and lover of research and experimentation.

What is the advice to a young designer who wants to travel your own way?

If you want to do something, whatever it is, do it without fear. If you make a product that really represents what you are and you feel and it’s in your heart. Maybe you will need a lot of times, even years for us but then you can give it life. And remember, it’s not important to follow the hype.

How did you get in touch with GORE-TEX?

We came into contact with GORE-TEX in order to incorporate their technology into our fabrics. The brand is worldwide known for its impermeability and we thought it was interesting to be able to protect our sensors through their technology while maintaining our design and comfort. The dialogue is not just about the aspects of the material but also about the construction.

What have you done recently together?

We have integrated the two technologies: BYBORRE and GORE-TEX. It took a lot of tests to match and overlap the materials before obtaining a result that satisfied both.

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