Photography The lonely wanderers of Gustav Willeit

The lonely wanderers of Gustav Willeit

Giulia Ficicchia
I viandanti solitari di Gustav Willeit | 1

I will be more than happy if in front of these photographs someone will think of Caspar David Friedric and his “Wanderer above the sea fog”, it means that like me you’ve done your homework during high school or that the internet has washed your mind, reintroducing it to you in many different ways. Probably it’s because of his origin from the Dolomites or maybe it’s because it’s a real call of nature, but it doesn’t matter so much, Gustav Willeit knows how to photograph a solitary man in front of the majesty of nature.

He writes on his Behance profile, where he collects these photos under the name PERAT, that the main theme is silence, a very important and less known element for us – poor townspeople – that the human presence can’t bother in its natural contest. So that little and unknown individual, that seems like an intruse in his shoots, remembers us how small and quite powerless we are in front of the grandiosity of the things that surround us, like mountains, seas or others.

Do some good to your ego and your desire of silence and scroll down the images of this wonderful series.




Written by Giulia Ficicchia
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