Heinz and the labels that teach how to use ketchup bottles

12 September 2019

The glass bottle of Heinz ketchup is a timeless classic, but difficult to use. The latest publicity stunt clears all our doubts and makes us laugh.

Some of the latest advertisements and campaigns by Heinz, the famous brand of sauces, have literally split the internet. When a new commercial comes out it seems insurmountable and, every time, the next one is better, just like in this case. 

A short time ago we talked about Heinz on the occasion of the spot starring Ed Sheeran, if you have not seen him watch it here. Today we return to talk about it because the latest advertising stunt is noteworthy (and hilarious). 

The creatives of the agency Rethink Canada, who took care of the campaign, starting from the assumption that the glass bottle of Heinz ketchup is a real timeless classic, but difficult to use because it always seems that the sauce does not come out, no matter the method used. The Rethink team thought of applying the label crosswise, so as to reach the perfect position to slide the sauce out of the bottle only when the label will return to the right position. 

Unfortunately, these packages will only be sold in Toronto and in limited quantities, so it only remains for us to see the reactions of the buyers once we understand the meaning of this original idea. 


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