Style Hélas and Champion Merge Basketball and Skateboard

Hélas and Champion Merge Basketball and Skateboard

Anna Frattini

Seeing the Hélas logo alongside Champion immediately piqued our curiosity, so we decided to explore all the pieces of this new collaborative capsule collection available starting tomorrow, October 20th, on The star of the launch campaign is George Eddy, the iconic French basketball commentator, captured alongside the Hélas team in Chatou, a small locality near Eddy’s hometown. The capsule consists of T-shirts, hoodies, pants, caps, and beanies, all waiting to be discovered.

The genesis of this collaboration arises from the Hélas team’s passion for Champion, one of the most iconic American brands for the millennial generation. Champion is one of the most recognizable American brands of all time. We all have something Champion in our wardrobes, perhaps dating back to our childhood. The 90s look remains unmistakable. The specific Champion line that Hélas chose to work with is the Reverse Weave, known for its exceptionally high quality in terms of fabric weight and ample shapes, resulting in a baggier fit. Comfort is another crucial aspect of this partnership, which also involves skateboarding. It’s from this point that the collection is characterized by the fusion of the two logos.

Regarding the launch campaign, George Eddy stands out in a series of entertaining videos. The sports commentator, famous for his repeated attempts to popularize basketball throughout Île-de-France, combines technical commentary, as captured by Hugo Campan, while basketball and skateboarding naturally intersect. The photographic campaign follows the same theme, with photos taken by Alex Pieres, combining NBA draft shots and Hélas’ lookbook.

Written by Anna Frattini
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